SSC CGL Previous Year and Expected Cut off for 2018

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 SSC CGL Previous Year and Expected Cut off for 2018 

Staff Selection Commission conducts Combined Graduate Level exam for officer level posts at various government departments. This exam is conducted almost every year. There are mainly four sections asked in this exam, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, Reasoning Ability, and General Knowledge. The level of difficulty and competition increases every year. The candidates are required to score high marks to get good posts. How much marks area safe score is a big concern of all the aspirants. Through this article we will give you an idea of the safe score for selection in SSC CGL Exam 2018 after a detailed analysis of previous cut offs.

The pattern and exam mode has been changed from SSC CGL 2016 onwards. The tier 1, cut offs analysis includes years 2013 to 2017. SSC CGL exam is conducted in four stages, preliminary exam, main exam, descriptive and skill test.

 The cut off marks of SSC CGL 2013 to 2017 Tier 1 is:-  

Category 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Unreserved 131 137 102.25 96.5 102
OBC 115 125.5 89.5 82 85
SC 103 114 80.5 77 77
ST 93 103 74.25 69.5 69

Main takeaways of tier1 cut offs analysis are:- 

  • There is a sudden jump of cut off marks from year 2015 to 2016. The change in exam pattern is the reason behind this sharp jump.  
  • The timings were reduced in 2017 from 90 minutes to 60 minutes keeping number of questions same. The candidates were expecting significant reduction in cut off marks but the scenario was different because of learning curve of industry.
  • The cut off patterns depicts the increasing competition.

The tier 2 exam of SSC CGL consists of four papers:

  • English Language and Comprehension.
  • Quantitative Aptitude.
  • General Studies (Finance and Economics)
  • Statistics

There are different cutoffs for different posts. The marks of paper 1 and paper 2 are considered for all posts. The marks of paper 3 are considered for Assistant Audit Officer, and for junior statistical officer marks of paper 4 are considered.

Since the exam pattern was changed in SSC CGL 2016, therefore analysis of tier 2 of this exam is analyzed separately. The post wise of qualifying marks for Tier 3 is given below:-

Posts / Cut off marks Unreserved   OBC   SC   ST
Assistant Audit Officer 536   493.75   454   427
Assistant Section Officer and Assistant in MEA 449   424.5   389   370
Junior Statistical Officer 502   471   423   397
Rest of the posts 422   397   363.25   341

Before SSC CGL 2016 exam, for tier 3 there used to be common cut offs for two categories:-

  • Interview posts.
  • Non Interview posts.

The cut off marks for the interview posts from 2012 to 2015 is as follows:-

Category / Year 2012   2013   2014   2015
Unreserved 349   424.5   426   430.75
OBC 319   395.75   398.75   411
SC 284   359.25   365.5   373
ST 282   345.75   349.75   359.25

The cut off marks for non-interview posts are:-

Category / Year 2012   2013   2014   2015
Unreserved 313   401   397.25   410.25
OBC 281.5   368.5   365   387
SC 251   334   331.5   345
ST 242   314   308.5   327.5


Main takeaways of tier2 cut offs analysis are:-

  • The cut off marks are increasing with an increasing manner.
  • Along with changes in pattern, the pattern of declaring cut offs also changing.
  • The competition is increasing in all the categories but the maximum increase is in the unreserved category.
  • The level of difficulty is also increasing along with cut off marks, which depicts that the learning curve of industry is also increasing every year. The reason behind it maybe the increasing use of online platforms.
  • The candidates can expect tough question papers in future exams and, high cut offs as compared to previous exams.

Now based on the above analysis, let’s predict the cut off marks for the SSC CGL 2018 exam. The exam will be conducted in four phases. There are certain factors which will impart effects on cut off marks:-

  • Change in mode of examination: In earlier years this exam used to be conducted in offline mode. But from SSC CGL 2016 onwards the mode of examination has been changed from offline to online. This change was supposed to decrease cut off marks but with easy access to the resources, the impact is low.  
  • Inflow of candidates from technical backgrounds: The increasing salary and perks in government sector has attracted candidates from various branches. Now a day the toppers of SSC CGL are IITians which shows that the competitors are not easy to be crossed.
  • Difficulty level of exam: The level of difficulty is also increasing with every CGL exam. The pattern of questions is changing and there are very less repetition of questions and question patterns. New concepts are being asked and questions of higher order of mental skills are expected in future exams.
  • Learning curve of Industry: – With the easy access to the online resources, such as educational apps, test series, online videos and discussion forums. The learning curve of industry is increasing very sharply as previously the candidates used to waste time in traveling to the physical centers, whereas now a day they are learning concepts from online videos and honing their skills through online tests.  
  • The number of candidates appearing for the exam: – The number of candidates is also increasing every year. It aids to the increase in competition and thus increased cut off marks.
  • The number of vacancies: – The number of vacancies is expected to increase as per the statics shared by Indian government, but the actual increase is not of expected level. This increase expected to bring cut offs down. But increase in number of candidates can nullify this effect.
  • The changed behavior of candidates towards this exam: – In earlier days the candidates used to prepare for this exam along with their jobs. But with changes scenarios, there is large number of candidate quitting their jobs and preparing full time for this exam.

The expected cut off marks for SSC CGL 2018 based on above analysis is:-

 Expected Cut off marks for SSC CGL 2018 Tier 1:-

Category Score
UR 130+
SC 120+
ST 110+
OBC 125+

Expected Cut off Marks for appearing in SSC CGL 2018 Tier 3:-

Category Score
UR 415+
SC 380+
ST 360+
OBC 405+

Overall Expected Cut off Score out of 700 marks:-

Category Score
UR 485+
SC 440+
ST 420+
OBC 470+

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